We are happy to serve those who have disabilities

Please let us know in advance, so we can choose the bus that is right for you. Our office staff is here to accommodate. Please provide them with all of your assistance needs. If you have hearing or vision problems, please inform our driver.

Please let our driver know about any mobility devices you have and how much it weighs. If you can use steps, we can secure your wheelchair, walker, rollator or scooter in the luggage bays, but please let us know in advance.

Wheelchair Seating

If you need a wheelchair or priority seat, please let our office staff know in advance. Passengers in these seats may be asked to move if someone with a disability requires them.

Lift-Equipped Buses

If you require a bus with a lift, please let us know when you book your trip. Not all of our coaches are equipped with lifts, so please let us know and we will find a coach that suits your needs. If you are unable to provide us with a notice in advanced, please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of a lift-equipped coach.

Please prepare full details on your mobility device, such as weight, dimensions, and type. For your safety, our staff may ask if the combined weight of passenger and wheelchair exceeds 600 pounds. Our lifts cannot support over 600 pounds. Please let us know if you would prefer to be transferred to another seat on the coach rather than traveling in your wheelchair or scooter.

Lift-equipped buses have two securement areas for wheelchairs. Once these areas are filled, additional passengers must be transferred to other seats. Wheelchair seating is assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

Note: To be accommodated safely on the lift, the passenger and mobility device must have a combined weight of no more than 600 pounds. The mobility device must be a maximum of 30 inches wide and 48 inches long

Mobility Aid Storage

Small aid, like canes and crutches, can be stored in the overhead compartments or under your seat. Please do not store your aid in the aisle. If your aid cannot fit in either of these locations, it will be stored in the baggage compartment under the bus at no additional cost. Please let us know if your mobility device exceeds 50 pounds.

Personal Care Attendant

We encourage you to travel with a personal care attendant if you require assistance beyond what is required of our drivers. Please give us advanced notice, so we can provide adjacent seating.

Note: Drivers do not provide assistance with eating, toilet, or medical needs

Rest Stops

When stopping at a rest stop or for a meal, you may request for assistance off and on the bus or assistance with retrieving your mobility aid

Oxygen Tanks

We allow a maximum of 4 canisters per passenger. 2 on the bus and 2 stored in the luggage bays. Canisters may not exceed 4.5 inches in diameter and 26 inches in height. All canisters not in use must have safety caps on the valves and must be boxed when stored. Passengers are responsible for bringing enough oxygen to last the entire trip and arranging for any refills while en route.

Passengers with Portable Oxygen Concentrators are responsible for ensuring they have enough battery power to last the entire trip. When booking, please specify if you need a coach with working electrical outlets. You still will need a backup supply of battery power to bring with you.

Note: Maximum limit on medical oxygen canister as cargo is 99 pounds. As we may not exceed this federal regulatory limit, passengers bringing oxygen containers will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis.


All medicine should be in your carry-on luggage. Do not put it under the bus.

Service Animals

Service animals are allowed on the bus as long as the animal does not occupy a seat or block the aisle. Service animals must be well trained and behaved and must be properly leashed or place in a carrier. We reserve the right to refuse travel to any animal who poses a direct threat to other customers or our employees.


If you feel your right as a person with a disability was violated under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), please file a complaint with a written statement to:

Venture Tours

Attn: Sebastian Scott

600 S Military Hwy
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

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