Charter Deposits

A non-refundable deposit of $400.00 per charter bus is due fourteen (14) days from the date of the contract or the charter reservation may be cancelled without notice.

Final Payments

The final balance is due to this office in full twenty-one (21) days prior to the departure date. All monies are non-refundable after final payment is received. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Payment Methods

Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, cashier’s check and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). Checks will only be accepted from the Chartering Party. Checks will not be accepted for payment less than fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled departure date. There is a $100 returned check fee. A copy of the credit card used for payment, as well as a copy of the driver’s license of the card holder, will be requested for all payments made less than twenty-one (21) days prior to departure or for any payment being made by any person other than the Chartering Party. This request is non-negotiable!


Any cancellation will result in the loss of all monies paid towards the trip. If you are aware that your trip is not materializing, please call us to cancel as soon as possible.


It is the responsibility of the Chartering Party/Group Leader to provide a detailed itinerary of your plans that involve motor coach transportation. This itinerary should include the desired departure point and time, destination, stopovers, and any side trips along the way. This will enable us to verify the charges quoted and properly prepare your coach operator for the trip. We request that this information be provided atleast two (2) weeks prior to the departure date. Prices are subject to change based on the final itinerary.

Changes/Additional and Unforeseen Costs

Any change in service at the request of the Chartering Party/Group Leader that results in an increase in miles or hours over that of the contracted service may result in an additional charge. The Chartering Party/Group Leader agrees to sign trip sheet upon the request of the driver for confirmation of service completion time. Overtime will be permitted, upon vehicle availability, and rounded off to the next hour. Availability of overtime is not guaranteed. Only the company dispatcher has the authority to allow overtime on any vehicle in the Venture Tours fleet. Tolls, parking charges, and reserving and paying for driver accommodations in the event of an overnight trip, etc., will be the responsibility of the Chartering Party unless otherwise stated. Any additional fees unforeseen prior to the departure of the charter are the responsibility of the Chartering Party.

Driver Hours

The Federal Department of Transportation has adopted safety regulations that prohibit drivers to be on duty more than fifteen (15) hours per day, ten (10) of which are for driving (including a thirty (30) minute pre and post trip vehicle inspection). The driver must be given eight (8) consecutive hours off before resuming duties. If your itinerary requires additional service time, you will be charged accordingly for relief drivers.

Vehicle Requests/Assignments

Venture Tours reserves the right to sell and /or update any model of vehicle in its inventory. Specific vehicle requests are not guaranteed. The company also reserves the right to replace a contracted bus type/size with one of equal or greater value in the event it becomes necessary in order to fulfill the requirements of the contract.

Baggage Trailers

Trailers are available only upon request for additional baggage space on select bus types. Due to the limitations in some US cities, they are currently unavailable for use in the following cities: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. They are also unavailable for most ski trip destinations. Venture Tours reserves the right to refuse the use of these trailers at any time.

Personal Property/Lost and Found

Neither the company, its agents or employees shall be liable for any personal property of the Chartering Party or the Chartering Party’s guests, which are misplaced, damaged or left in the vehicle. If you have lost or misplaced an item and believe it may have been left on one of our buses, you may contact our office and you will be transferred to our Lost and Found voicemail. Please be sure to have your Charter Number, the date and destination of your trip, and the name of the group the reservation was made under, along with a detailed description of the item you are missing. Due to the high volume of lost items and inquiries regarding these items, we are unable to respond to every inquiry and will return your call only if your item is found. It may take up to 7 days to locate an item.

Casino Bonus Packages

Venture Tours is not responsible for any changes to casino bonuses. Bonuses are given by the Casinos and are subject to change at their own discretion, without notice to Venture Tours. Venture Tours is not liable for any changes in the value or distribution of the bonus.

Damage to Motor Coach

Buses offered for charter services are carefully inspected by the carrier prior to assignment, therefore, any damage to the equipment which is caused by a member of the Chartering Party shall be the responsibility of the chartering party and the costs of the repairs shall be paid by the group. Also, a $200.00 minimum fee will be charged for excessively spilled liquids, removal of foot prints or other marks, stains from the upholstery, and any cleaning brought on by an illness of any cause. A security deposit of $500.00 may be requested at the discretion of Venture Tours and will be available for refund upon completion of the charter when the bus has completed its service and does not require professional cleaning or damage repairs.


Venture Tours, Inc. operates under the name and authority of Venture Tours, Inc. ICC MC 287185. We agree to make every effort to carry out the provisions of the agreement, but it is distinctly understood that we shall not be liable for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, and bad conditions beyond our control and we do not guarantee to arrive or depart from any point at a specific time. In the event of mechanical failure, driver illness, or any other emergency preventing the operation of a bus, the bus operating company is to be given a reasonable time for repairs or replacement of the bus or driver at its own discretion. Venture Tours shall not be liable for the loss of any personal property or damage to any personal property. Venture Tours reserves the right to lease equipment from other companies in order to fulfill this contract if necessary.


Please make sure you review this contract and understand it completely before signing. Please note that your signature on this contract actually reserves the motor coach and guarantees your reservation; however, if the contract is not signed and returned with your deposit within fourteen (14) days of booking, Venture Tours reserves the right to release the bus or bus(es) without notice.

Atlantic City Policies

  • All passengers must be at least 21 years of age to ride the bus.
  • No alcohol is permitted on the bus.
  • Reservations must be made prior to 5:00pm on the Friday preceding the desired trip date.
  • Reservations made with Cash Payments:
  • Reservations made with Credit Card Payments:
  • Reservations made with Check or Money Order Payments:
    • Checks can be received in our office at 600 South Military Highway, Virginia Beach, VA by mail or in person at least 14 days prior to the desired trip date.
    • There is a $25.00 returned check fee for any check returned by the bank.
  • Reservations made with Gift Certificates:
  • Cancellations:
    • NO REFUNDS will be issued for any reason.
    • All cancellations must be made over the phone through our office at 757-494-1480 or in person at 600 South Military Highway prior to 5:00pm on the Friday preceding the desired trip date and the customer will receive a gift certificate for a future trip date.

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